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Rest in peace, sweet prince. You were the best target of mockery I've ever laid my sights upon. The crazy hair, the ostentatious gowns, the insanity-propelled diatribes of fiery genocidal will be sorely missed.


With the game submitted and done, I wrapped up some loose ends and fixed some issues that some players found. I also adjusted/replaced some of the triumphs that players weren't particularly fond of. The 'Another Day Will Come' triumph got the boot, as did the 'Fair Fighter' one. Now they are replaced with a 'Hat Trick' triumph (get 3 headshots in 3 seconds), and 'Passion for Fashion' (upgrade the shoes before anything else).

Edit: 3/10/2011

With the 'Triumphs' system now fully working, I'll leave the door wide open to you guys to come up with suggestions for Triumphs. If you see an event that marks a milestone, provides a challenge, or just makes the game more enjoyable, feel free to pitch it in the comments.

Get 5 headshots in a row.
Defeat Gaddafi in 4 rounds or less.
Max out your throwing arm

Anything along those lines. If you can think it up, I can probably put it in.

3/9/2011 - Changed the hitboxes to be wider, and tweaked a lot of the numbers so the game should be easier. Hopefully with the wider hit boxes, Ahmadinejad isn't so darned hard to hit.

I also added 7 more 'Triumphs' to the game completion. It shouldn't actually make the time to get 100% longer, but it should add some activity to the mid-game.

The number of rounds has been reduced, but the speed at which you win should be increased. Ergo, makes the game more fast-paced.

I will be uploading this game to Newgrounds soon, too. Wish me luck!

3/8/2011 - 'Game completion' prompt and 'Triumphs' now implemented. These will be gradually expanded over time. Hopefully it adds a bit to the replay value. :)

3/7/2011 - The last two guys have been implemented. You can now throw shoes at them, and their audio is now working. Thank you guys so far for your input, but I still need more input as we go into the tweaking stage. I'm going to be implementing a 'game completion' achievements system that unlocks extra item shop gadgets, so stay tuned, that should be going up sometime tomorrow.

But right now, this is how the game looks in its completed state. Next up is a polish pass.

:iconpoopgoblyn: & :iconvest:

This is the major Flash game project we've been working on for the last full week. In light of Libyan president Gaddafi militarizing and brutally attacking his own people, ~Poopgoblyn realized that somewhere in the world somebody was yearning to pick off his shoes and give them a good spiral right at Gaddafi's nose.

So we give that opportunity here.

This game is still in production, and has only a few final things to add before being complete and being given full massive distribution. Some missing audio, some missing images in the instructions screen, small stuff.

No doubt my favorite part to work on during this game was the Soviet-style propaganda art we used for the interface. Those were a massive joy to work on. Overt color palette? Check. Large blocky imposing text? Check. Grandiose exploitation of rays, halftone patters, and single point perspective? Triple check.

Please feel free to forward this game to your friends for their playing if you enjoy it. I would really appreciate it if you guys gave this bad boy some distribution. When it's finished, it'll be given Facebook implementation, get posted all over on Newgrounds and Miniclip, and hopefully get enough popularity so that the lone rebel fighter in Libya may happen to trip across this game, and see that over at Applo we're rootin' for them...

...And hoping they have a good sense of humor. Please don't bomb us please don't bomb us please don't bomb us.

Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop CS2
3d Studio Max
Wacom Tablet

Comments appreciated. Criticism honored.
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March 7, 2011
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