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Nescience's Coda by vest Nescience's Coda by vest
This weekend. My mind is still trying to recover from the news and events that made up this weekend. It was only a matter of time before I found myself in the position I did. The greater majority of us experience such a thing at one point or another. But the way it happened, and the events leading up to that event, I will never forget.

Saturday morning. I woke up extra early, and started work on my new wacom tablet. I'm still trying to get the hang of it, and do neat things with it. Probably the neatest trick I'm yet to find out is the elusive secret of drawing something without it sucking. Overcoming that hurdle is the toughest. So I've been working the wacom as of recent, trying to get a feel for it, and I love it. However, it will be a long time before I submit something that's worth the upload, because most of my doodles aren't that marvelous to begin with.

Regardless, I work all Saturday morning on it, and I then decide right after 12 I'm going to call a friend of mine. For privacy's sake, let's just call her Jane. And let's call her boyfriend John. I call up Jane, just to see what's up. She's hesitant to say much, but after a quick conversation, we decide to meet up that day and hang out like we usually do on Saturdays. While I'm driving up, just before hitting the 605 Freeway, she calls me up again.

"I'm glad you called," Jane says. "Things have been going on between me and John. Crappy things."

Jane explains that it has been a tough week between them, with John throwing the occassional tantrumous rage, and threatening to leave her. It's important at this point in the story to note that John would just as easily pack up and leave, if it weren't for the fact that Jane was carrying his child. They're just barely getting by financially, hanging by the skin of their teeth, and now that a baby is in the mix, they're both uppity regarding just about anything. Jane continues to tell me more about what John has done, his most recent odd behavior being going to the Orange County Fair without her. Now, John's dad wanted to meet Jane, so Jane was supposed to go with him to meet the folks, but John left her behind at home and drove himself to the OC Fair.

It's the typical drama you'd expect to see out of high school students. Seeing John exhibit it was a tad unnerving. "So..." I say to Jane, "does this mean that I'm going to be taking you instead?"


I arrive thirty minutes later, we quickly prep up, and then head out again. It's a short hop down the 5 to 405 to the fairgrounds. While heading over there, John's dad calls us up. "Hey, you guys meet me here, I'll pay for your entry." John's dad is one hell of a great guy. Let's call him Skeletor for the remainder of the story, because Skeletor also kicks ass. "However, John has disappeared. I gave him a thorough yelling at for not bringing you here, and now he's skipped off. We can't find him anywhere."

So it gets weirder.

We meet up with Skeletor and John's Aunt at the gates, and head into the fair. It's mostly a "meeting the family" affair between Jane and Skeletor, but I also come along to watch the fair's festivities. Pig racing in particular. Yes. Pig racing. Also, the OC Fair is host to a booth that sells what has to be the most obnoxiously wonderful bacon burger I have ever had. If I had more money, I would have also bought a keg of the barbeque sauce I put on it. It's special made, and goodness, if I wasn't a trained barbeque sauce efficianado, I would have passed out from the very goodness of the combination. And Skeletor told me to put my wallet away when I motioned to paying for it, and he dropped a twenty in place of my own currency.

We discuss Jane's pregnancy, and Skeletor opts to pitch in however he can for it. He doesn't support the idea, obviously, but at the point in the relationship between John and Jane, and considering that John's own irresponsibility is known, Skeletor feels semi-obliged to help out. So God bless him for it. The Aunt also tells us of how she wanted kids of her own, and Jane felt that it would be great if she could fulfill this desire, and at the same time provide Jane with some much-needed spare help for raising the kid.

The time at the OC Fair was very fun, though due to Jane's pregnancy, we didn't do any rides. I did get a number of shots though on the way out, and some of them turned out far better than I thought they did. But the events looking ahead are what cause me to look again at these images, and recall my own mindset of how I was before that fateful evening, and what became of me the day after. There's a point in all our lives when we undergo a certain epiphany, where we find the value in our own lives, and see that there's just so much more to living than what we normally perceive. It takes extreme circumstances to make us realize what has always been there, and it takes the worst case scenario to bring out the best in all of us.

Jane and I begin to drive back home. We were both glad to have met Skeletor, and see just how much he's willing to pitch in for raising her child. Jane's cellphone rings. It's John. He's finally shown up from the woodwork. Jane tries talking to him, but all I hear through the earpiece is John shouting. I'm sitting next to her on a bus, and through a tiny cellphone, I can hear John screaming with unspeakable intensity at her. "It's been like this all week," Jane tells me. "I don't think we should go home just quite yet."

We try alternate plans, finding places to stay the night, and other people to call just in case. But we end up back at her place, staring up into the facade of their apartment. We can see the bathroom light is on. John's home. We think about just going in, getting it over with, and if it's too tough we'll both turn around and book it. Hearing him over Jane's cellphone on the bus was enough to make me NOT curious about his current state. She seemed to share the same sentiment. We both went to a nearby Starbuck's, and I treated her to a mocha frappuccino. We devised a back-up plan, where if things were too hectic, we would take off again and just spend some time at a Denny's, just as an excuse to get out. We conclude on that plan, finding it a casual escape route in case things get hairy, and return to her apartment. We call ahead of time. Nobody picks up. We call again. Nothing. John's just been acting stranger and stranger. We get a call from Skeletor, and he says that he's been trying all night to get a hold of John, but can't.

Jane and I look at the apartment. The bathroom light is still on. We look for motion, but we don't see any. The air is still, the world hushed, as Jane and I stood in trembling uncertainty at her own home. I'll admit it. I was scared. Jane will never admit it, but I wouldn't hold it against her if she was. We both knew there was an irrational human being in that room, and we both knew that the very act of approaching it would be dangerous to both of us. But we continued to walk, unfeeling to the wisps of cold air, just counting our steps. A hundred yards to the front steps. Fifty yards. Thirty yards.

Rounding the corner, I see a police vehicle. Behind it, an ambulance lurches to a stop. Men are jumping out, and running towards the front door. "Oh. My. God. Jane, Jane, I think John has finally snapped! Jane!" I run ahead, following the men in uniform up the stairs to the front door. Sheriff's units stop me, but after insisting on being a close friend, they let me through.

"John! What happened!? The hell is going on!?"
"We got a call," explains an officer. "Apparently, it has hit the fan, and he's ingested a large quantity of pills."

Slam the panic button. "Jane! We've got a problem! John!?" I see him. Oh, heavens. Sweet Jesus. Of all things sanctimonious in the world, preserve me. His arms wrapped over two paramedics' shoulders, John is being hoisted out of the small apartment. His feet are weak, hardly holding himself up. He's pale, except his face, with is glowing flush with red. His neck couldn't even support his own head. It was slunk over like a rag doll. Jane runs up to him, "my baby" she cries. The way she said it, the heartfelt feeling behind it, the combination of countless emotions, fear, worry, anger, and most of all, love. "My baby." She tries to kiss him, tries to embrace him, but he's being carried off so quickly, she can't get an arm around his body.

These five seconds ran in slow motion, a very painful pace, and left behind a series of images that still haunt my psyche as I try to sleep these last few nights. His face. Her words. The crowding of officers and paramedics. The fear of what would happen if we went in there, the fear of what he could have done to us instead, and above all, the irony. We delayed, intentionally, just to find a way to put off confrontation. We tried to find a way to secure him, to sedate him, to get us into that front door hoping that he wouldn't try to abuse her. We got what we wanted. But we didn't want it this way.

We walk inside. The computer is still on. AIM is still open. John had left his AIM name open, with one chat window.
"I'm sorry. I am going now."
He explained his plans to a coworker.
"John? U cant B serius."
"Ar kfld"
(ten minutes pass)
"John, UR relly startign 2 worrym e."

I begin typing.
"Hey, this is David. John's friend. John has just taken an overdose pills, and has attempted to commit suicide. He is currently being taken to Mission Hospital. He was conscious when we got here, and I'm guessing will recover. Were you the one who dialed 911?"
A minute passes before the box comes alive. "Yes, I was."
"I don't care if you're religious or not, but God is smiling on you. I mean it." I gave him a phone number to call, just in case he needed to be updated.

Half an hour later, I see John again. He is hooked up to a heart monitor, and laying down in a bed in what appeared to be a renovated broom closet. It was dark, featureless, windowless, and very narrow. We brought him a spare change of clothes, and a couple stuffed animals, and offered something to eat. He refused the food, but took the stuffed frog pillow. Jane is holding his head close to hers, whispering to him. I've taken his hand, just to see if he's had any strength, and gave a firm grip.

He clenched tightly. It's like a silent message. It's like me saying "I'm here for you, I love you, and I'm glad that I can at least grab a warm hand instead of a cold one." And he responds with "I believe you." John and I frequently joke when in eachother's company, usually about the most inappropriate of things, and this time, all seriousness aside, wasn't any different.

He said "look at this," and started squirming in his bed, showing me that it makes his heartrate go up and confuse the machine. I laughed about it, and so did he, but his laughter subsided back into sobbing. I've never seen a man so frantic. I really felt bad for him. I understood here that even though he survived, at this point he still wanted to end it all. We were in the presence of somebody who had failed at suicide, but wished it succeeded. "Just hang tough," I tell him, "we'll be right outside."

For the next five hours, Jane and I whittle away the time in the hospital emergency ward's waiting room. The room has a dozen people in it, all of various ages and influences. But over the hours, it begins thinning out, as people check out and more check in but leave after staying for an hour or so. At 2:30 am, Jane and I are the only people in there. The activity in the hospital has slowed down to a dull roar. We ask to see John again. "He's asleep," the nurse says. "He's resting, so we mustn't disturb him."

We depart the hospital, stop by a grocery store, find a sympathy card and some frozen pizzas for ourselves. We hadn't had dinner yet. To think, that bacon burger lasted me so long. What luck it was just so fulfilling. We freshen up, and decide to get some sleep ourselves, but return to the hospital around 9. Jane makes one last phonecall, responding to a voice message she got, and finds out through John's cousin that he is awake again, and asked to see us. Fantastic timing we have.

No sleep for us. We get back on the road, swing by a 7/11 for what I call "artificial energy", which is a large Coke slurpee with roughly nine cherry flavor shots in it. It's a real kick in the ass, one that gets the endorphins pumping. Stepping out of the 7/11, I see the crest of dawn. A dull sliver of cerulean is stretching across the east horizon.

"So, Jane, here comes the sun."
"It's a new day, new beginnings."
"A symbol that we are bearing witness to a new future, and through this darkness, light. Excuse me. I'm going to go back a minute in the symbolism."

At 5:30, we come back into the emergency ward. The same security guy is there manning the front door, and he looks tired as well. To think, he does this many nights a week. We ask to see John, he looks at a checklist, and disappears down the hall. He comes back. "He's under psychoanalysis. But he knows you're here now. You may see him soon."

Jane and I hang back, talking more. I'm bundled up in hospital blankets, trying to get a lick of sleep, but even in the current state of mind, the memories of watching him being carried out of the apartment, Jane saying "my baby," the whole pandemonium, it's a life changing event that can't be described as anything short of influential. It's the realization of our own mortality. It's an understanding that people do have the ability to die, and they can when we least expect it. It's like the purity of mind is wiped away, and even moreso amplified by the events at the OC Fair. I look at the photos I took, and think "how different I was thinking then." The fair was the calm before the storm. It was the last bout of innocent thinking. It was the end to the belief that everything happens the way we want it to...

Naivete's end. A revelation that I was to undergo a time where I couldn't act like a child, and needed to be a grown up. Nescience's Coda. Purity's swan song.

John slowly walked into the waiting room. He was standing on his own two feet. He was holding his stomach, his eyes closed, his voice groaning, but for the most part, psychologically stable. "I'm done. I'm going home. I was a good boy, so I get to go home." He said this a lot. "I was a good boy." I swung my car to the front, packed up our stuff, and then went back inside to take him in our arms, and help him walk to the car. It meant so much, the very representation of that. No matter what, we will always take you with us, support you, help you, and love you. I'm your friend, and you're like family. And family is supposed to stand up on its own. Where one rafter falls weak, another will bear twice the weight, all out of necessity to keep the family from collapsing.

The drive home was fairly quiet. The silence was pushed aside for a good minute when John joked about them taking enough of his blood to clone an army. I of course cut in, saying to not be ridiculous, and that if they were smart they probably took enough to clone two armies, just to stay ahead. It hurt to laugh, but he did. Driving home, the sun had peaked above the hills, and was illuminating the clouds from overhead, their arrangements like long strings of pearls. Maybe I was fatigued. Maybe my mind was still racing. Maybe I was just feeling a new admiration towards the spectacles our world delivers.

Maybe it was God, smiling upon me.

It was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen. So clean. Crisp. Clear. Pristine. Heavenly. It's one of those moments where I wasn't upset to have forgotten my camera, because I not only wanted to get John home, but also because I wanted it to be a special moment shared just by the three of us. I could have gotten a photo of it, but I still wouldn't share it. It was a display of immense beauty that's best kept between the three of us, considering just how much this sunrise symbolized to us. I could even see John smiling towards it, as if he was seeing the same natural phenomenon in the same light as I did. He smiled. This smile, like he finally realized his own folly, the value of the day, and the idea that no matter what happens, the sun still rises tomorrow. And there's nothing we could be more grateful for.

Yes - Awaken

High vibration go on
to the sun, oh let my heart dreaming
past a mortal as me.
Where can I be?

Wish the sun to stand still.
Reaching out to touch our own being
Past a mortal as we
Here we can be
We can be here.

Like the time I ran away
and turned around
and you were standing close to me.

Like the time I ran away
and turned around
and you were standing close to me.
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Vanna1994 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016
Stunning picture!
SNipPiEe Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
what camera did you use and what lenses you put to catch this amazing image and clarity?
c-niska Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Amazing image and story. Best of luck~
panther372040 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2009
That is truly a moving story, I've been in hospital in Australia for simallar and I didn't get out of hospital for a week!

'John' is lucky to have people like you and 'Jane' around him, he may a hve a mental disorder or expriences that mke him act that like that. Loving and suportive people are sometimes all it takes to see the light or the sunrise in this case.

The three of you will suport each other in the give and take way of life. I relly hope it all works out.
vest Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Thanks for the reflection.

A lot of time has passed since I've posted this image, and so have many things. So I feel you're entitled to a little update.

Throughout 2008, when their daughter was 3 years old, their relationship went downhill after a string of events. The first offense was when John cheated on Jane (which is common for fathers with mothers who spend a lot of time with their kid). And since Jane was not longer in the mood to share a bed with him afterward, he continued cheating on her with different women. He still supplied for the household, and she was in no position to work and raise a kid simultaneously, so she just stomached it. He was still playing the role of father, providing for and loving his daughter tremendously. They became more roommates than a couple at that point. They didn't get along well enough, but they stuck it out for the sake of their child.

Things went really akimbo though when Jane was having issues with her computer. A friend came over, found some spyware on it, and while cleaning out the drive, found a collection of...illegal the temporary folder. That was when drastic measures were taken, and I had to spend a few days with her to help move both her and the daughter out back to her parents' place. We all agreed, a little girl should not be raised with a man like that.

Suffice to say, they've broken up, they're no longer on speaking terms, and we still have the hard drive with IP logs and time stamps in place. So if he gets really lax on the child support payments, he's going to have to answer to Johnny Law.

It's an unfortunate turn of events, really. While 2005 seems like yesterday on a lot of images, it feels like decades in the past with this image. It's hard to believe that the love between them actually existed only four years ago, and how quickly it can all go away. As for me, I still love the guy like family, and cherish who he is. We got along really well, and while I haven't had the means of contacting him for months, I don't see how he and I could suddenly not tolerate one another. We're guys after all. It's just how we do.

I'm going to call up Jane right now. See how she's doing.
panther372040 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
I just hve to say, I belive that your a wonderful person! The strength that must have took and to still be on good terms or supposed good terms with both 'Jane' and 'john' is amazing.
xyroph Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
incredibly moving. while reading this i was listening to Starlight, by Muse...its kind of weird how similar they are, your story and the song. no matter, its terribly beautiful, my best wishes go to you and your friends.
Dream2theMusic Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009   Photographer
This is an Amazing shot, the colors are really Incredible! Awesome photo :D
calcetindelaz Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
i love your photograpy...
in this moment of my life ( moment very hard) i wish to able to be in that wheel.. stay in this for a eternity and left behid all my thoughts, all my pains, all my life, enjoing of the burning sky and feeling free like a cloud.
realy you photograpy is great...
vest Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Thank you very much.

It has been a very long time since I've uploaded photography, and a lot of people keep tugging at me to get back on it. Avast, my schedule, 'tis a crippling maelstrom she be.
Enuwey Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
A nearly tragic beautiful story highlighted by an innocently beautiful silhouetted Ferris wheel against a stunning sunset. Attracted by the picture, I found your story to be one of sadness and hope. The song I will remember you by Sarah Mclachlan came to mind after reading your story.

Best wishes for John and Jane as well as for your self. Life, mortality, and all that other junk we go through can be hard at times but when all the tears have been cried and all the pain has been felt, the world becomes just a little bit brighter and life of any kind becomes that much more precious.

Best of luck for you three, and beautiful picture I really must say.
Capture-Life Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008   Photographer
very cool
SoChic28 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2008
touching story... i hope john is better now. the picture to go along with it is beautiful as well :heart:
juunishikyou Featured By Owner May 12, 2008
I loved it. It was really very good.
CykosIs-AG Featured By Owner May 8, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
That just got me all choked up.
clotilda-warhammer Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
Incredible shot and such a story to tell. God bless you and your friends and strengthen and support you all.
anjaleck Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, :wave:

I would like to let you know I am featuring your incredible art in my weekly feature journal.
:pointr: [link] :pointl:

NeverxLight Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2007
Amazing. I clicked this just to see the picture... but then the second sentence in the first paragraph caught my eye, so I decided to read on.

Now reading the story the picture has more meaning, and I love it soo~ xD;
middret Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007   Photographer
Cute photo!
DaneMehl Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2007   Photographer
I clicked the image because it caught my attention as something warm and with a good feeling of childish nature, I did not expect the story, and I'm glad for having come to this photograph.

I honestly don't know what to say, I know it moved me, but I'm not in touch with my feelings enough to say in what way it has made contact with my heart.

I will say this though, it is a great photograph, a moving story, and I was thoroughly interested in your writing.

My way of thinking is that with every great photograph comes a story, usually just as wonderful as the image itself, whether the story be quirky, sad, joyous, etc etc, or every emotion put together, which makes it truly amazing, and I wish I had another hand to give you 3 thumbs up.

My only hopes are that you're still around on devart to view my comment and know that you affected me. I will now continue to browse the rest of your gallery =)
quev Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2007
Amazing Shot, the colors are so beautiful!!:wow:
I like the angle and the story.
You did a fantastic job!!:)
livya Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2007
great colors!!!!
deviantHP Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007   Photographer
nice shot!
tigerpaws Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2007  Student Photographer
That is so beautiful!! I love the colours of the sky! =)
titeabeille24 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2006
I like this pic'!!!! :)
Mrs-Tusspot Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006   Photographer
. . .i love it. it has so much meaning. i feel v. much like a like a little kid after reading this and hope the best for john and jane. and as for you thank you very much for sharing this u have incredable tallent i dream of having the ability to take photoes like you can. i applude you. one will read things like this happining in newspapers and other crap and they think they think they r tuched, and some really are, most arn't. (i admite it i have red articalls and thought i was touched too) but this is just mind blowing. you have let us vewires take a glimps into your life i don't know if many people took this to heart but i know i have.

once agen i thatnk you dearly. this is a beautifull picture, you should be emensly proud!

DyceIBG Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
I like the color of the sky. It's lovely man. Nice photo.
CaAffaManin Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
My gosh.. the colors in this are amazing. Especially with everything silhouetted. This one's a +fav for sure.
Inuibuki Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006
wow that's awesome! i love it! : D
Night-Fairy Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2005
i have no words to say about this picture.
the colours in all the picture, the contrast....

i'm in love with this wonderful work.
pink-eyed Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
the picture touches something inside makes me feel kind of small.
flowkradd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2005
beautiful shot, nice sillouette, however the contrast might be a bit too high, it makes it a bit harsh.
however it is very nice, and has fine composition. and the gradiation through colours in the sky is very nice.
i feel a tad silly commenting on photographic aspects after reading all that though..
fall Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2005
wow, reading that description has really plunged me into the kind of accelerated mental activity which can only be explained vocally by "i'm speechless". Thats really heavy stuff man, and i am glad i read all of the text. There were points in the story in which i felt my eyes welling up, and even now i am experiencing semi-paralasys by thought between each sentance. In one respect though i should be grateful to recieve this kind of catalyst of phsyche to analyse the actual image, so i am at least going to try and offer a little comment of my impression of this piece. The farris wheel is an excellent focal point for this image, and i especially like the framework detailed in the lower right quarter of the wheel. Lucious burning yellows and reds compliment this area in particular, and the delicate silhouettes lead my eyes to the horizon line of trees, flags and tents, shrouded by darkness- which in turn leads my imagination to complete how the image would look in daylight. Candy floss, laughter, smiling groups of teens fueled by the goodness, its all very friendly and innocent. The rays of light penetrating the clouds to shine down on this event in the last moments of the days sun is also a nice touch, and as for the gradient of colours caught on the clouds, well thats just a dream to me. The combined impression of image and description, i think, is probably the high point of this day for me. Thanks for keeping me interested for the last 35 minutes, and i think this contribution is definantly worth one of my favourites.

i-mage Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
the longest artist 'comment' ever..;) :+fav:
Herr-Flick Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2005
beautiful shot, the wheel makes for such a good sillhouette, and the rays of light too... instant fav!
Sacari Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Nice photo, I really like the silhouettes. :+fav: And the sunset is beautiful
thats a beautiful picture
12monthsOFwinter Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005
Yes, this is a nice silouette. Looks like Conklins wheel. This ex-carnie is going to use this one for her desktop if you don't mind?
Zlatty Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005  Professional Photographer
beautiful shot
not digging the double border + blur though :|
lucias-tears Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2005   Photographer
that sky is amazing
Me0is0Jade Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
There are few things that move me as your story has. Perhaps it is because my closest friend, too, has reached a crux in her life, and I am in the same position as you, only able to support her as best as I can while leaving her to make her own decisions. I wish you and Jane and John and Skeletor the best of luck, and a smooth path from now on.
Andross01 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005   Photographer
Cool pic. I'm not into reading long stories with pics though, but nonetheless, nice looking :)
AftermathArts Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
That is so touching... and the phototgraph is amazing... It reminds me of when a couple months ago, my friends were driving home from a grueling day of school... and at 3:45pm, a drunk driver is speeding, doing about 82, and my friends, Nichol (driving) and Brian (her boyfriend), are speeding, going 67. The driver swerves and tries to pull back over, and hits them head on. Nichol's side of the car sustained the most damage... she had a broken nose, bad cuts from the glass, her leg broken in mutliple spots, her fingers are like a jigsaw, a few cracked ribs, a concussion, and bleeding interally. However, our beloved Brian was not wearing a seat belt, broke his neck... and died a slow, painful death through suffocation. The drunk driver sustained similar injuries that of Nichol's, and was a former student of our highschool...

Since I am not the most wealthy teen around, I have to ride the bus. While working our way home, we saw the police pry the top of the car off... look in... pull Nichol out, and place a white cloth over the passenger's side. We knew that life has taken a turn... The police looked to the firemen... we knew they weren't going to touch the body until they can block through traffic... and all I feel is empty, for I didn't know who it was... I couldn't recognize the car. It wasn't until the next morning... I knew... that something was horribly wrong.

We almost lost Nichol from internal bleeding, but she is alive and we are greatful. When Nichol woke up from her comatose state, she beckoned to Mike, one of her super-close family friends, wondering where she is at. All he can say is, "You've been in a wreck, and now you're safe." She immediately cries out, "Where's my Brian, where is he? Omg, is he okay? What room is he in? I have to see my Brian!".... Mike tells me that it was the hardest thing to tell her, that her own baby had died, next to her... that fateful afternoon.

All of us, including her friends as well as myself, started a SADD chapter at our school: Students Against Destructive Desicions... our concerns in suicide, seatbelts, driving under the influence, underage drinking and smoking, and use of illegal drugs. I bring this story not to bring you heartache, and I don't bring it to try to recieve attention. I bring this story to share with you, and how I also know what I have seen... and that I know what it feels like to be stuck in the 5-second slow-motion act that life plays on you... and I feel that it's a lesson to us when it does that... I've experienced numerous accounts like this... but this is the most unforgettable. I thank you for sharing your story, and I hope everything improves for you, "Jane", and "John"... as well as "Skeletor." I probably won't forget this story.

vest Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
That really is a heavy story, one that I decided to let my mind process for the last day or so before actually responding. We read stories like that, and we all have two thoughts: 1) It's very unfortunate what happened, and 2) thankfully it'll never happen to me. I was seriously thinking that second bit yesterday, but had to stop myself after recognizing it. I was thinking "gosh, what Jen went through is mind numbing, and it's much more traumatic than anything I think can happen to me." But the point is, it happened.

I had to pause the thought process at that point, and take another turn. It happened to somebody. So it can just as easily happen to me. I could be pulling out of school, not having my seatbelt on yet, and have some idiot come veering down the road at a hundred miles and hour, and smash right into my car. What's going to stop it?

There's really no prevention in a case like that. Seatbelts would help, going the speed limit will help, but people still die in accidents while obeying speed laws and seatbelts. Mostly because somebody else wasn't.

While driving home that morning, I was very tired, and found my head growing heavier with every passing minute. It was really tough just keeping my eyes open. Though your story would have been inspiration enough to keep my wits with me, I remembered another one.

When I was a small kid, no more than 5 years old, there was a priest at my church named Father Terry. He was really a super awesome guy, great influence on me, and he gave me a small picture of the virgin Mary on it. I still have this picture fifteen years later. It's faded, beaten, and weathered at the edges, but I still keep it. He left our parish as all priests do, and went to a parish in Washington. In April that year, either 1991 or 1992, I was attending Church. It was there that we were told of what happened to Terry.

He fell asleep at the wheel. His car went into the divider, across traffic hitting another car, spun and careened over the guard rail. He was killed instantly. What's more, there was a fourteen year old passenger with him, a terminally sick patient. He was severely injured, had enough energy to share what happened, and then died later from his injuries.

"Don't go like Terry," I was saying to myself. "Stay awake, Dave. Stay awake." It was like that for the whole drive. I was drifting through lanes, nearly rear ending a tour bus, and not remembering much of anything else. I was just plain tired. I should have stayed there and got a few hours of sleep, but I didn't. All I could do was bang my head against the back of my seat, and yell at myself to stay awake.
AftermathArts Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
Yeah... it things like that that make you want to keep yourself in line... and you know in your head... there's nothing you can do about it. Those things happen... no matter how much we don't want them to. As for Father Terry, I'm sorry. It really does yank at your heartstrings. All we can do is be aware of ourselves, and hope it doesn't happen to us. Although it has only been about 4 months since the accident, there has been no precautions taken to ensure that people follow the speed limits. I really don't think that there ever will. The only thing that makes these situations worse is when the media gets a hold of it, twists it, then talks about it for days on end. Personally... when I heard this on the news, I slammed the dishes into the sink and went into a rage, yelling at the tv. It really is none of their buisness, and if I was the mother of Brian, I would be furious. It isn't fair for the media to exploit an accident, and twist it to boost their ratings. So once more, I emphasize, that we can only hold our head up, keep ourselves in line, and be aware of what's going on around us.
bigfoothazza Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
incredible but ive never seen such a long artist comment
Juanquapha Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
:jawdrop: very nice pic :+fav: i love sunsets....
krippen Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
powerful. both photograph and story. all the best to jane and john, may their best days still lie ahead.
CapnDeek373 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005  Professional General Artist
Great shot, and a great heart thumping narative to go with it.
Well worth the bit of extra time it took to read it.
Engulfed-In-Darkness Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005   Photographer
One word: Wow.
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