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December 14, 2011
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Luna's Curtain Call by vest Luna's Curtain Call by vest

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Since this is a fanart, you are allowed to utilize this artwork however you want. Take it, print it off, use it for your layouts, whatev's. I gift it to you guys.


This is based on a short lived MLP:FiM fanfic idea I had called "Night of a Million Stars." At the time, I was also refining the storyline for "Buck". I chose to work on the synopsis for "Buck" over "Night of a Million Stars" as I felt "Buck" would be more of a fun story with greater elements of action intertwined, but "Night of a Million Stars" still resided in my mind with fondness.

Let me back up a bit.

Last year, I started writing, but ultimately scrapping, a fanfiction for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I will now pause so you can get your laughter out.

...We good? Awesome.

The project was scrapped as other work started coming up, and I felt that it would be better to focus my energy on the visual medium than literary. I just suddenly lost the time.

This fan-fic didn't get far as I had difficulty coming up with interesting plot elements driving it, and many of the interesting bits would be seemingly stolen by the expertly crafted Nocturne fanfiction already in existence.

The basic synopsis is that Luna finally convinces her sister Celestia to relinquish control of the night back to her. However, after a 1,000 year banishment, she is conflicted between her rusty magical abilities and desire to prove herself capable to her sister. Equestria meanwhile summons a major celebration to commemorate Luna's triumphant return to making the beautiful nights, a gesture of goodwill that the citizens will cherish her night sky instead of shun it. The "Million Stars" festival, organized by Twilight Sparkle, hits a succession of minor hindrances that prevent her from helping Luna when she requests a quick audience with Twilight. However, the festival experiences a major snag when Luna buckles under the pressure and runs off.

Realizing what she did to her, Twilight goes after her, following her through the perilous mountains surrounding Canterlot. But in her loneliness, Luna's dark past starts creeping back in, as the mind can pull diabolical tricks when alone with just thoughts for company.

This is a scene where Twilight finds her just as the sun is setting, when the war in Luna's head hits critical mass and threatens to break her down into a pitiful mess. Twilight realizes that all this time, she had been freaking about her own festival, her own opportunity to simply show off her top-notch organizational skills to Celestia...and completely ignoring Luna's own feelings.

"We're not here to see your sky," Twilight smiles reassuringly, "We're here to see you."

Dear Princess Celestia.

Today I learned that even when I'm put in a position of great responsibility, it's not always going to be about me. I got so wrapped up in small things around me, I didn't even see the huge problems of others. All we need is just a little perspective, to see the big picture. For when all we do is obsess on ourselves, well...we can't see the night for the stars.

Your Faithful Student
Twilight Sparkle


This was an image I started a couple weeks ago. Originally, it was to test out a 'cliffs' brush I made in Photoshop, but the image started spiraling out of control. After a few minutes, I then decided I was going to make it into a full-fledged scene of some sort. I then figured, hey, I already had some art for one of my fan-fictions, why not make some art for another concept I had?

And thus, I started detailing the image accordingly.

Before, my other MLP:FiM fanarts made an attempt to appear show-accurate. This one obviously does not. I'll still strive for the same proportions, character color schemes, and basic design, but the actual rendering of this piece was going to be my own style. So it's a hybrid between the show's style and my own.

This image was also 100% painted, no lineart. Not often that I do that, it is pretty hard to keep track of, and without a lineart there to keep it all adhering to a particular look I'll frequently go back and end up repainting entire parts from the ground up.

While this image was started weeks ago, I only worked on it for three nights, and only a couple hours each time. But tonight, it feels good to get it wrapped up and submitted. Kinda proud of how this one looks. It's also not very often that I get to upload something without having to credit a commissioner, line artist, and inker as well. This is entirely my own creation. Feels awesome to just break out and do my own thing for once.

My Little Pony (c)Hasbro
Twilight and Luna characters (c)Lauren Faust

Claiming free use and all that jazz.
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Twilight could ask RainbowDash to search for Luna, after all Twilight have no wings and searching mountains can take a lot time and be very exhausting experience.
TailsDoll583 Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Tridgeon Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your effort in not using line-art really shows, the piece has a free and natural feel to it

this just exudes quality!
Dude, how did I miss this, bro?
Because it needs boobs, obviously. :thumbsup::lol:
lolly Jan 20, 2012
Dude. Really? I mean...seriously? I...I...honestly I'm in awe for real :laughing: When it comes right down to it, I think the outskirts of MLP territory are fun to mock and play with, I mean shit I have an OC, well, sort of since it's based on a photo of `WilderWein77 haha! But that said, I first blinked when I saw this, then did full view and wtf man...regardless of subject matter this is well fucking done.

I look at this and honestly would have nowhere to begin figuring out how to acheive and end result like this, and to just be you of all people, and flat out say yeah hey, I did this AND it's for this short story/fanfic...haha!

You got my support 100% of the fucking way. You are the exception to the rule of MLP shit all deserving to be put down like a rabid dog.
Tridgeon Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
all of it??? There are other good artists out there, maybe you're just not looking in the right places
You are the exception to the rule of MLP shit all deserving to be put down like a rabid dog.


This sentence...made the 75 grand I spent on art school...WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Glad to do my part in slightly delaying and/or adding a smidgen of guilt to the impending brony genocide.
lolly Jan 20, 2012
Bitter irony isn't it? I blew 35 grand on 3D animation and graphic design because deviantART started paying me a year before getting the certificate. Then by the time they fired me I was/am so out of date on any of it 3D aka get a job wise it would take me a couple years of self teaching, which is nowhere near pro level. >_< damn dA!
Yep, that was me as well. Spent a year doing QA just trying to get a foothold in the industry, fell way behind in 3d, and woo-woo all aboard the freelancing comic colorist train! There's a part of me that wants to pick up the 3d again and try to make something out of it, but I don't even know if video game art is the direction I want to go anymore. People just feel so...yeesh...disposable in that industry.

Ah well, got my stupidly expensive diploma, and I'm doin' all right working on a discipline that I didn't even take classes in. :lol:
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