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Bootin' - Pickin' - Blastin' - Fixin' - Scoopin' - Tossin'
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Getting out another Flash game; this one taking only a couple days to finish and polish off. While all the coding was done from the ground up, and was quite complicated to get the procedural animation of a gradually speeding up conveyor belt, this one didn't give me a lot of hassles. Hence the fast completion time.

While it technically took three days to finish from the start to finish, I missed two half-days due to medical/dental appointments. So I mark this one as a two-day completion.

I'm getting faster.

Let's see, what are some visual elements I'm particularly proud of...ah yes! The title screen just makes me ooze with pride. I really love how it turned out with the slowly passing haze, the butterflies, and that very subtle canopy shadow gracing the trunk (look carefully, see it?).

The king, again rigged and animated by ~Poopgoblyn, is the same king model used in Scoop the Poop (see above). But since he was going to be bigger, he refined the geometry, improved the texture, and rigged it from the ground up. We actually scrapped the entire original animation, and realized we needed to improve upon his construction. So he worked double-time on this one to make it look good.

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Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop CS2
3d Studio Max
Wacom Tablet

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January 20, 2011
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